Army Seeks to Advance Digital Night Vision Technology – MeriTalk

The U.S. Army plans to advance its use of digital night vision technology (DNVT) to boost its members’ situational awareness and decision-making abilities, and the branch is looking towards industry to help make it happen.

“In order to keep pace with advancements in technology, the Army must transition to devices comprised of digital sensors, image processing, and displays that are networked through an open standards architecture,” noted a request for proposals (RFP) posted to “DNVT enables this transition for mounted, dismounted, and aviation sensor and display systems.”

According to the RFP, the Department of Defense’s science and technology hub has researched and invested in digital visible, low-light level, and infrared cameras, as well as image processing and display component technologies and integrated systems for this sort of technology, for over two decades.

The Army plans to continue to evolve capabilities through development, integration, experimentation, and laboratory and platform test and evaluation— including novel sensing modalities, hardware and software development, integration, networking, and operational integration with a variety of ground and aviation systems.

The end goal is to produce a device that can “substantially enhance the warfighter’s situational awareness and decision-making abilities,” the RFP noted.

The selected contractor must provide support for “the analysis, development, demonstration, testing, acquisition, transition, integration, initial deployment, sustainment, and training” of DNVT and any related components.

Responses are due by Feb. 1.


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