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On November 6, at a family gathering in a private villa in Nuremberg, Germany, gourmet, and wine taster Oliver Gabay warmly entertained his friends.

Oliver Gabay has his own villa, swimming pool, and music room. Food, wine, music, photography, and tourism are the eternal themes on his social media platforms. During cooking delicious food, Oliver Gabay shared his story with Haier refrigerator from China with his friends.

As a great lover of gourmet food, Oliver Gabay has high requirements for the storage and preservation of refrigerators. Over the years, he has been using refrigerators from other European brands. When he decided to buy a new refrigerator, he compared different refrigerator brands and finally purchased a Haier French door refrigerator at the Media Market.

More and more German middle class is no longer limited to local European brands, Japanese or Korean brands when buying household appliances.

It does not mean that the quality of the local brands in Europe was not good, but that the Chinese brands reacted more quickly in terms of the innovation speed and the variety of functions. As a result, many Europeans’ understanding of Chinese household appliance brands began with Haier.

On the one hand, Haier refrigerators, washing machines, and other products can often be seen in the department stores of many European countries. Haier is the first Chinese brand to enter the European market. On the other hand, Haier’s Smart Home and the Ecosystem brands being launched have changed the traditional way of life in Europe, and their innovations open up more possibilities.

For example, during the epidemic in 2020, Haier Smart Home quickly launched customized products in line with the European market demands, including sterilized refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. In this respect, Haier has won a war of innovation.

Haier has a better supply chain in the world. Other brands might face all kinds of problems such as logistics and transportation issues, parts and components shortage when they entered Europe, but these problems hardly exist in Haier. It is the main reason why Haier’s sales in Europe continued to increase during the epidemic.

For the middle class in Europe, the popularity of Haier refrigerators is not enough. However, if looking at the growth trend, it is obvious that Haier has the fastest growth rate.

In the first half of this year, the revenue of Haier series products in Germany increased by 76% compared with the same period last year, and the growth rate was higher than that of the industry’s average rate in the same period. If it were not for the recognition of consumers, Haier would not have achieved this achievement.

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