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What would you see if you could look at the world through the eyes of Jeff Goldblum? Science and metaphysics don’t quite have the answers yet, but a Disney+ show does its best to answer the question. The World According to Jeff Goldblum is partway through its second season of setting out to follow topics through the meandering musings that make their way through his mind. 

“Geez, I love science,” Goldblum says in the first episode of the series. And while there’s mystery in each episode, there’s science and technology, too. Sometimes they’re one and the same thing, as in an episode that captures the surrealness of street magic, while also showing the neuroscience behind Goldblum’s own eyes working to deceive him while he watches Penn and Teller do their thing. Both the trick and the tech that unveils it are treated with the same wonder at the whiz-bang by Goldblum. 

“People might not know the extraordinary elements of these things that they may take for granted,” Goldblum said in a conversation with PCMag. Although he helps come up with the topics explored in each season, Goldblum said he likes to step back from the rest of the planning process so he can experience discovery along with the viewer. He leaves it to the production team at Nutopia to do the research and set up interviews, while, as he puts it, he does “just enough to get the daisy fresh and minty smell smelling so then I can drop myself into these situations.”

“Technology, if we use it well and wisely, can provide an intimate and close-making experience when we’re scattered.”
– Jeff Goldlbum

The situations he gets himself into include digging for historical denim in the mountains of Lone Pine, California with a man who calls himself “Indiana Jeans;” LARPing with some Renaissance role players to better understand gaming; and judging a dance-off in a parking lot.

“Mostly I try to mess it up and just follow my own curiosity,” Goldblum told us. 

While his curiosity leads him many places, his thoughts often return to the same thing: the beauty of connection. It occurs throughout the series, whether it’s during a massive evening bike ride through the streets of Detroit or in a hype house just outside Atlanta. In the latter, Goldblum pays a visit to the Collab Crib, a TikTok famous collective that puts out dance videos on the platform. When the members talk about how they came together over social media and the reach and influence that they have with it, Goldblum marvels, “Isn’t that something? Now, and that quickly, you can be in connection with many, many people…It’s a beautiful thing.”


We taught #jeffgoldblum some moves ?? how did he do ? See the rest on @Disney+ ? #TheWorldAccordingtoJeffGoldblum

♬ original sound – Collabcrib

Thanks to the show, Goldblum himself has now made some viral videos. There’s one where he dances along with Collab Crib, performs …….


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