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by Analytics Insight

December 12, 2021

Tech CEOs should boost their technology performance to gain a competitive edge in the market.

CEOs of technology companies are instigated to adopt digital transformation through cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and many more. They have to be aware of the upcoming trends and models to boost the productivity of a business. It is proved that hybrid work environments with human-machine interactions have driven higher revenue than traditional systems. Tech CEOs need to create technology agenda to drive revenue towards the business. The reason is these technologies have started reading the consumer buying behaviour, their needs and wants, etc. with the real-time data available in the global tech market. Even, investors are leaning towards the global tech stock market available from reputed tech companies across the world. Not only the big tech giants are catching the eyes, there are emerging tech companies that are popular in this tech stock market. Thus, tech CEOs should boost their technology performance to gain a competitive edge in the market. It is necessary for CEOs to modify company strategies according to the trends and market demands. There is an alignment among technological capabilities, business strategies and operations of the company. That is needed to be looked after by these tech CEOs to avoid any serious consequence on the face of the brand. Yes, CEOs have other important responsibilities, but the technical field is highly crucial with the integration of IoT devices and the internet connection network. The tech CEO and the team members are required to grab new opportunities after evaluating the pros and cons of a technology needed for the growth of the business. Let’s explore some of the top technology agendas to drive revenue towards the business to have a successful high-growth business.


Top Technology Agenda for Tech CEOs     

Bridging the gap between evaluation and execution

Tech CEOs should always be focused on bridging the gap between the evaluation of any advanced technology and the final execution of that strategy. This is a fast-paced global market where no one waits for anyone, just like time and tide. Here, tech CEOs need to make the decision-making process faster to gain a competitive edge against competitors. Bridging the gap is required for successful survival. It can only happen if one can grab the right opportunities at the right time without any hesitation.


Engage high-performance team

A high-performance team can make it possible to drive business growth with higher revenue with advanced technologies. Tech CEOs only need to recruit and engage with the high-performance team to have a successful technology journey efficiently and effectively. The higher the team performance, the better the brand name— the main reason is the culture of adaptability. It ensures more productivity than an average-performing team in a very short time. This high-quality team has a strong understanding of which technology is suitable for the business needs and which are irrelevant to the company goals.


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